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24/7 Response Phone for public health related Emergencies: 911      

- Health Services Director, ICPH 
, RN - Community & Family  
    Health Services Director (Nursing)

- Administrative Services Director

Position vacant - Environmental Health Director

- Supervisor, Assessment
             and Healthy Communities

- Accounting Supervisor

, MD - Health Officer  (360) 240-5575 (office); (360) 914-0840 (cell)  

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Major Services Provided by ICPH:

Assessment and
Healthy Communities

Environmental Health

Community and Family Health Services

News From The Health Officer

June is National Safety Month

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Local, Medical, and State Links /   WAC - Washington Administrative Code (Title 246 = Dept. of Health)
                                &   RCW - Revised Code of Washington  (Title 70 = Public Health)

Washington Department of Health News Room

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Interested in participating? Application form for Community Health Advisory Board

Or the Island County Community Volunteer Program

Or perhaps our Medical Reserve Corps?
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Volunteering for health care emergencies (WAHVE)

Answers for Liability Concerns for Volunteer Citizens

Emergency Management Division — Preparedness

 "The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens." - Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America - (1835)

Access to government information is fundamental to a democratic society. How government agencies handle information requests speaks volumes about regard for the public and willingness to serve. This activity is committed to making information local, state, and federal readily available to the citizens of Island County.

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