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Island County Assessor

The Island County Assessor’s office is responsible for inspecting, appraising, and revaluing all real property once every six years, with an annual review and update based on sales analysis. This appraisal cycle is established by the state constitution and state laws, which are enforced by the State Department of Revenue.

To perform their job, the Assessor’s office maintains inventory, description, ownership, sales, and mapping information for all properties. They also provide information, education, and assistance to the public and offer computer access to assessment data, which is now available on the Internet through the Real Property Search. Additionally, the office allocates value to taxing districts, calculates levy rates, and certifies tax rolls to the Treasurer. They administer and provide information for various tax exemptions, such as the senior citizen and disabled persons exemption, open space taxation, forest land exemption, farm and agricultural exemption, historic properties exemption, and residential home improvement exemption. The Assessor’s office prepares defense of valuations for appeal boards and maintains business personal property listings and audits.

However, the Assessor’s office does not mail or collect taxes, which is the responsibility of the County Treasurer. Appeals are handled by the Board of Equalization, and property owners should contact them at 360-679-7379.

As a transparent and accessible office, the Assessor’s website provides information and assistance on questions regarding property assessment. The office’s goal is to appraise all property fairly and equitably, maintain accurate and accessible property records, and provide prompt and courteous customer service.

State law requires the Assessor to value property at 100% of true and fair market value, which is determined by the buying and selling of real estate in the market place. To find the market value of a property, the Assessor must discover the price most people would pay for it.

The Island County Assessor’s Office is open to the public with safety and health precautions in effect, including limited entry and 6-foot distancing. Masks are currently not required. The office encourages completing business via phone or email, but appointments can be made by calling 360-679-7303 for those unable to do so.


Island County Assessor
​Kelly Mauck

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Appraisers in Coupeville to inspect properties

Coupeville area residents can expect a knock at the door by their property appraiser from the Island County Assessor’s office until March of next year. The appraisers are inspecting homes for critical information on the current quality and condition of homes and buildings, land characteristics, new construction effecting value and any other impacts to property value.

Each Assessor’s office Appraiser is assigned a specific area they are responsible for to physically inspect. State law requires each property in Island County to receive a visit, and inspection every six years. The area for inspection is from approximately Vandam south to Race Road. Approximately 7,000 properties are in this inspection area.

All Assessor’s office appraisers are in official vehicles and will have an Island County identification badge visible. They will knock at the property door first before measuring the front width and one side of the home to insure the Assessor’s records are accurate. A street side photo is the only photo that is posted on the website. All appraisers are deputized and state law authorizes access onto property for this inspection.

These appraisals help to determines the assessed value of your property for the purpose of determining property taxes for the year 2014. Fair market value is based on comparisons with similar properties that have sold. These comparisons are most fair and equitable when they are based on property characteristics that are accurately recorded in the assessor’s office. Property inspections provide us this vital information.

If you have any questions call the Assessor’s office at 360.679.7303 Monday thru Thursday, 9am to 2pm.

To Appeal Your Value

To appeal your new value, a appeal petition form MUST BE filed with the BOARD OF EQUALIZATION 30 days after the date this notice was mailed. Appeal forms are available online at: Forms are also available in person at the Board of Equalization office in Coupeville or the Camano Annex.

For further information about the appeals process please call the Board of Equalization at 360-679-7379 between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday-Thursday.

Tax Bills & Payments

Calculating and Paying Your Taxes

You can estimate what your property taxes will be if you know the “assessed value” of your property and the tax levy rate. Both your Assessed value and your levy rate can be found on your tax bill sent to you by the Treasurer.

For example, if the assessed value of your property is $100,000 and the levy rate is $15 per thousand dollars of value:

$100,000 X .015 ($15 per thousand) = $1,500 estimated tax

How To Pay Your Property Taxes

The  County Treasurer mails property tax statements during February each year. The first half may be paid by April 30, and the balance by October 31, without penalties for late payment.

​You may pay your property tax to the County Treasurer in person or by mail. If you mail a check, be sure to include the tax parcel or account number on the check and include the tax statement’s payment stub.

Island County Treasurer
PO Box 699
1NE 7th Street, Suite 111
Coupeville, WA 98239-0699