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Land Use Application submittals by appointment only  for details click here

Planning and Community Development's Frequently Requested Items

  • Visit the new Island County Comprehensive Plan Update Website for all the latest information on the update process!

  • Rural Lands Public Meetings will be held in each planning area the last two weeks of October. For more information visit the website link above

Extra Large BOICC Work Session or Board meeting materials:

Items below were too large to be scanned as part of the Board of Island County Commissioners regular agenda and are provided here for the public's review.

BOICC Regular December 1, 2015 Agenda
Changes made to 17.05A.110.A.3.(c).(v)  - this page shows the change requested by the Board at the November 3rd public hearing.
  1. Cover Ordinance
  2. Exhibit A
    Goals and Policies

    Shoreline Restoration Plan
  3. Exhibit B
    Figures 1 and 2
  4. Exhibit C Board's Findings of Fact
  5. Exhibit D Planning Commission's Findings of Fact
  6. Exhibit E Shoreline Environmental Designation Map - Appendix to 17.05A ICC
  7. Exhibit F Map showing change to Shoreline Designation Map required by the Department of Ecology

New Preliminary FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps

  • NEW - The Washington State RiskMAP coordinator from Washington State Department of Ecology has put the mapping up on a GIS portal in order to provide access to viewing specific parcels. Click here to access the interactive map. This link has been updated with parcel layers to find your specific property.

  • Preliminary maps of the proposed FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)

The latest Adopted Ordinances or Resolutions

Comprehensive Plan Update Ordinances or Resolutions will be posted to the Website noted above

  • C-106-15 signed by the Board of Island County Commissioners10/20/15, amending Development Regulations which apply to preexisting agricultural activities within Critical Area Overlay Zones.

  • Ordinance -  C-40-14 regarding implementation of I-502 Land Use regulations
    (as signed by the BOCC 5/5/14)


  • Ordinance C-75-14 as signed by the Board of Island County Commissioners 9/22/14 amending Island County Code and the Island County Comprehensive Plan to update the County’s protection standards for Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas.

Other materials associated with the Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas update are available at the project website:  Island County Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas Update   


Noise Regulations

AICUZ Noise Zone Regulations: AICUZ 2, AICUZ 3, AICUZ Zone Map

ICC 17.03.180.Z - Land Use Tables

Public Records Requests        must be requested from the specific Department that holds the record.

The Island County Public Records Disclosure Contact Sheet identifies records held by each department in Island County.

For Planning & Community Development records, submit a completed Public Records Request Form
and mail it to:
Records Officer, Planning & Community Development, P.O. Box 5000, Coupeville, WA 98239.