Island Transportation Planning

Island Sub-RTPO Policy Board Members

Voting Members (Elected Officials)

Island County

3 County Commissioners

District 1

District 2

District 3


Helen Price Johnson

Jill Johnson (Chair)

Rick Hannold

Cities / Towns

1 Mayor from each

City of Oak Harbor

City of Langley

Town of Coupeville


Scott Dudley

Fred McCarthy

Nancy Conard


1 Port Commissioner representing all Districts (Alternate every 2 years)

Marshall Bronson, Port of Coupeville

Public Transit

PTBA Board Member

Rick Almberg


Non-Voting Members (ex-officio)


1 Major public employer representative appointed by the Island Co. Commissioners

Ron Nelson, EDC

Naval Air Station

1 Official from NAS Whidbey

Jennifer Meyer

State Highways

1 WSDOT Official involved in highways (who is not directly involved with staffing the RTPO)

Todd Carlson or
Todd Harrison (alternate)


1 State(WSDOT) Ferry Official

Ray Deardorf

langley bus and trail